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Dr. D.N. Yadav, BHMS(HONS.)-MD
Dr. Divya Nagar , BHMS (HONS.)

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About Us

Dr. D. N. Yadav

Dr. D. N. Yadav is a consultant homoeopathic physician and practicing medical homoeopathy for more than a decade. He has a flourishing homoeopathic clinical practice in Greater Noida, India with patients consulting him from different parts of India and abroad. Besides a consultant homoeopathic doctor , he is known to thousands of his patients as a kind hearted and down to earth Homoeopathic physician. He offers evidence based homoeopathic solutions to various disorders, both acute & chronic at his centre of excellence in homoeopathy. He completed his BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic medicine & Surgery) degree with honors and standing among the top ranks in the university. He also completed his post graduate masters degree (M.D) in Psychiatry with honors.

His degrees in Homoeopathy are recognized by central council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi as well as internationally.

He is a member of Sharnam Homoeopathic Research Society, Kanpur, by Dr. Harsh Nigam (MBBS,MD,MF(Hom)). He was the incharge of the camps organized by the research society on chikunguniya in 2006 in different parts of Kanpur and also assisted Dr. Harsh Nigam in preparing the papers on Chikunguniya which was presented in World Homoeopathic Congress(LMHI)

According to Dr. D. N. Yadav in this era of Medical Side effects & Multiple drug resistant diseases patients rely on homoeopathy with a great hope of recovery, safety and security, holding homoeopathy in a high esteem. Experience through ages prove that Homoeopathy is the safest and effective mode of treatment available to the whole world. Last but not the least Dr. D.N.Yadav's motto is to promote and advocate Health & Happiness through Homoeopathy.

Dr. Divya Nagar

Dr. Divya Nagar is BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic medicine & Surgery) with distinction. As a student she was amongst the top few in both academic accomplishment as well as extra co-curricular activities. For the last 10 years she is healing people through homoeopathy along with her father Dr. Raghuraj Singh and her husband Dr.D.N Yadav in Greater Noida, India. She is a member of International homoeopathic league & Sharanan homoeopathic research society, Kanpur. Her patients recognize her as a devoted and compassionate homoeopathic physician. She uses multi-disciplinary approach of complementary therapies to treat the whole person. Recognised as an expert in solving complex cases of Skin, Infertility & female Gynecological ailments, Dr. Divya�s line of treatment includes her own special homoeopathic treatments and remedies. Elaborating on her practice Dr. Divya says, homoeopathy emphasizes on using a revolutionary and holistic approach to eliminate the root cause of all the diseases. Homoeopathic treatment is not only safe, but also effective. It adopts a highly sophisticated and scientific approach to health , disease and treatment.

According to Dr. Divya, Homoeopathy offers the most safe and natural solution to chronic diseases such as respiratory, Abdominal,skin, gynecological & psychiatric disorders.



Treatment (Services)

Homoepathique - The center for excellence in Medical/Clinical Homoeopathy the features that make medical/ clinical Homoepathique include-
  • Diagnostic Methodology
  • Early diagnosis of life threatening & serious diseases
  • Health care co-ordination

Our clinic offers-

  • Personalized care with Holistic approach
  • Care of acute & chronic illness
  • Palliative Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Nutritional Advice

Our clinic offers-

To treat the patient with Homoeopathic medicinesTo advice the patient surgical intervention when surgery is indicated We support immunization against essential diseases only. We strongly condemn Lay Homoeopathic prescribing & Lay Homoeopathic doctors.